Feb 082016

Videos : Sand Sculpting Contest to save turtles at Marina Beach, 07th February 2016

Was fortunate enough to go to Marina beach to witness the Sand Sculpting contest to save the turtles. Thanks to Hafiz Khan (EZONE India) for the invite and Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N to have guided me what to do in this event to make this event more successful and bring awareness among the public.

Oliver ridley turtle seems to be an endangered species now and a lot of measures are being taken to save this species. A few organizations in Chennai like EZONE India and ‘Save a Turtle’ have been conducting a lot of campaigns to save this endangered species. One such activity is Sand Sculpting contest that happened yesterday (07th February 2016) at Chennai Marina Beach. More than 50 groups participated from corporate, schools, colleges and general public.

Next activity is the Ridley Run Marathon on 21st February 2016. Please find below the video coverage of this event. Continue reading »

Feb 062016

Singer Benny Dayal’s Live in Concert at The Forum Vijaya Mall, 06th February 2016

I went to the Forum Vijaya Mall today evening and I was so fortunate enough to see something special there. Yes, singer Benny Dayal’s Live in Concert was arranged there. I was enthralled to see the crowd waiting for his performance. I couldn’t find a single place to accommodate myself to watch his show. Yes all the 4 floors plus the ground floor were flooded with people and majority of the time I watched his performance while travelling in the escalators from one floor to another.

Some how I managed to get some space to stand and capture the videos and photographs. It was a great experience watching the live in concert. Also watching such performances increase the vigour in media aspirants like me and it makes us to work harder and achieve the goals sooner.

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Jan 302016

Had a great time with under privileged kids along with my parents and friends 

Its 7 years since I spent my birthday with under privileged kids. So I decided to spend this birthday with under privileged kids and also wanted to entertain them unlike other years. Since the time I became an Event Emcee I have been hosting a lot of birthday events and NGO events. A few weeks back a thought flashed into my mind that I should host my own event this time. So I decided to spend a few hours with these kids after their lunch to entertain them and make the day memorable for them. Though my birthday is tomorrow, due to non-availability of my parents’ time I decided to visit the memorial home today.  Continue reading »

Jan 212016

Had a great evening with 2 inspiring persons – Samuel Eddy and Dr Maharaja

Had a 7 hours productive discussion with 2 inspiring persons. Yes, my mentor Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N took me with him to meet Mr Samuel Eddy (http://samglobal.org/) at his house at Velachery today evening. Sam is a person who has inspired us in recent times. We have been planning to meet him for a long time and it has got fulfilled today. 
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Jan 132016

Day 8_13th January 2016_13th CIFF Closing ceremony

Closing ceremony happened at Woodlands theatre. It was not as grand as the previous years. In fact inaugural ceremony was also very simple.

Actress Nayanthara has been awarded the Amitabh Bachchan Youth Icon award. Kirumi has been selected as the best film in the Tamil Film Competition category. The same movie was screened again at the end of the closing ceremony.
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Jan 132016

Video : Day 7_12th January 2016_Thamizharasan about Thani Oruvan Tamil Movie at 13th CIFF

Watched “Chennai Ungalai Anbudan Varaverkiradhu” and “Thani Oruvan” Tamil movies at Russian Cultural Centre in the Tamil Film Competition Category. The former movie has been directed by Maruthu Pandiyan and the latter has been directed by Mohan Raja (brother of Actor Jeyam Ravi).

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Jan 112016

Video : Day 6_11th January 2016_Thamizharasan about Oatta Thoodhuvan Tamil Movie at 13th CIFF

Watched “Oatta Thoodhuvan 1854” (ஓட்டத்தூதுவன்) Tamil movie at Russian Cultural Centre in the Tamil Film Competition Category. It’s directed by Chidambaram with the casting Ram Arun Castro as the Male Lead and Gowthami Chowdhry as Female lead.

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Jan 102016

Completing my first year of Active Emceeing

Completing my first year of Active Emceeing (though in the field for more than 3 years). Started taking emceeing seriously this day the last year (10th January 2015). Thank you Sasi (Brandwise Event Management, Egmore) for that IIT Saarang 2015 order which was the start point for me in this active emceeing. My thanks to all the event managers, emcees, clients, promoter boys / girls, photographers, DJs and all others who were / are a great support for me in this Emceeing travel and have made me complete more than 100 events in this one year period. Special thanks to my Emceeing Trainer Monisha Kini who helped me start this career _/\_ <3

Chennai Male EmCee Thamizharasan at IIT Madras Saarang Last Day

Will share more info later.

Chennai Corporate Male Emcee Thamizharasan Karunakaran
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Jan 082016

Video : Day 3_08th January 2016_13th Chennai International Film Festival (CIFF)

Thamizharasan about Rajkahini movie and short films by MGR Govt Film Institute students Continue reading »