Feb 212018

YouTube Videos of Save the Turtle Sand Sculpting Contest at Palavakkam Beach Chennai

Recorded YouTube Videos of Save the Turtle Sand Sculpting Contest at Palavakkam Beach Chennai

Related Link: http://chennaieventemcees.com/save-turtle-sand-sculpting-contest-palavakkam-beach-coverage-chennai-event-entertainers/
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Feb 082016

Videos : Sand Sculpting Contest to save turtles at Marina Beach, 07th February 2016

Was fortunate enough to go to Marina beach to witness the Sand Sculpting contest to save the turtles. Thanks to Hafiz Khan (EZONE India) for the invite and Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N to have guided me what to do in this event to make this event more successful and bring awareness among the public.

Oliver ridley turtle seems to be an endangered species now and a lot of measures are being taken to save this species. A few organizations in Chennai like EZONE India and ‘Save a Turtle’ have been conducting a lot of campaigns to save this endangered species. One such activity is Sand Sculpting contest that happened yesterday (07th February 2016) at Chennai Marina Beach. More than 50 groups participated from corporate, schools, colleges and general public.

Next activity is the Ridley Run Marathon on 21st February 2016. Please find below the video coverage of this event. Continue reading »

Jan 302016

Had a great time with under privileged kids along with my parents and friends 

Its 7 years since I spent my birthday with under privileged kids. So I decided to spend this birthday with under privileged kids and also wanted to entertain them unlike other years. Since the time I became an Event Emcee I have been hosting a lot of birthday events and NGO events. A few weeks back a thought flashed into my mind that I should host my own event this time. So I decided to spend a few hours with these kids after their lunch to entertain them and make the day memorable for them. Though my birthday is tomorrow, due to non-availability of my parents’ time I decided to visit the memorial home today.  Continue reading »

Dec 252015

International Space Station visible at Chennai with naked eyes – 25th December 2015

You can see the International Space Station with naked eyes at Chennai (today from 7:01pm for 4 minutes and also in next few days).

NASA says that ISS is the third brightest object in sky that can be seen with naked eyes if we know when to see and where to see. More info : http://spotthestation.nasa.gov/home.cfm

Details about today’s visibility at Chennai: 
Time: Friday 25th December  7:01pm
Visible: Maxium for 4 minutes
Height: 82°, Appears: 10° above NW, Disappears: 36° above SE

Some of the posts that are getting shared in Facebook related to this :

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Dec 112015

Contact numbers for Chennai Flood Relief and Rehabilitation

Contact numbers for Chennai Flood Relief and Rehabilitation. Source : The Times of India (11th Dec 2015, 4th Page)


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Dec 092015

Need doctors and volunteers for Medical Camp December 2015

Attended a meeting today evening with a couple of doctors and a lot other volunteers at Haj Committee. This meeting was organized by United Welfare Organization to have a discussion to start medical camps in Chennai as preventive measure to avoid water borne diseases that may spread because of the Chennai Flood.

We have planned to have 100 camps in the next 20 days. There are 3 main purposes for this camp

  • Assessment of people’s health by qualified doctors and taking preventive measures to avoid water borne diseases and diseases that are spread through mosquitoes (Dengue)
  • Distribute herbal drinks to the public (Nila vembu and black cumin seeds)
  • Ensure clean environment by spraying bleaching powder and mosquito repellents.

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Dec 082015

Hoax (rumours) messages and the outdated messages spreading during Chennai Flood Dec 2015

Dear Friends,

After the invention of Facebook and Whatapp, we have started receiving a lot of hoax (rumours) messages periodically. Messages like “We have found Gold in a palace, we’ll give it to you at half rate“, “You have won lottery”, “I have something to share with you, please contact through email”, “Urgent blood needed for a baby” etc.

Now it has become the turn to spread rumours about Chennai Flood. We Chennaities are so Patriotic and Humanitarians that we are trying our best to help each other during tough time. So when we get such messages, we get panic and also share these messages with our friends to help them. This makes our time waste and also wastes our friends’ time when we forward those messages.

Here is my compilation of the rumours and also few outdated messages that are being spread in the last one week: I have tried my best to verify these messages. In case you find any of these messages to be genuine, please correct me, I’ll make the necessary changes here.

1) Crocodiles have escaped from the crocodile bank and they are found in a lot of lakes like Perumbakkam and Kelambakkam. – Crocodile Bank authorities have denied this.

2) Nasa has declared that Chennai will receive 250cms of rain in next 72hours and this is result of EL-Nino. – BBC too informed similar thing in their Twitter page that Chennai will receive heavy rain on Wednesday (09th Dec) but later their website and other pages said it will be very slight rain.
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Dec 072015

Updates and links that would be useful for you post December 2015 Chennai Flood emergency 

Dear Friends,

We had a very tough time for a week facing the Flood emergency in Chennai and the last few days were spent on providing the relief materials to the victims. Chennai is slowly coming back to normal state and we shall say it’s a rehabilitation state. So now we may need some updates and links to get our broken/ damaged things fixed. I would be sharing those updates and links in this page as and when I get them. So please do book mark this page and visit it frequently to check the updates.

Wonderful link. You get all classes text book online as a pdf copy. Share it with students. Also if needed you shall take printouts of these books (in case no stock in shops) and donate it to students

Msg from my Friend Usha, directly verified by her : We met the corporation commissioner Mr Vikram kapur. He said that the urgent need right now is volunteers to help clean streets on war footing. The work will be to sweep, accumulate garbage, working with corporation workers he will deploy in various areas. Need a massive number of people to come out TONIGHT 7 Dec 8pm onwards for this work. Wear gloves and face mask, no children. Near Kotturpuram Pillayar temple. Contact me 9840003813 to get further contact details. Continue reading »