Apr 132015

Glad to have got an opportunity to host Indian Cricketer’s Family Function

Yet another exciting day; waiting for the evening. ūüôā Going to host the Family Function of an Indian Cricketer (from Tamilnadu) at his Parent’s house. Not sure if I can reveal his name, will discuss with his family and share after the event (if I’m allowed). Unfortunately he wouldnt be there for the event as he has an IPL match this evening. Anyway glad to have got an opportunity to meet his family members and entertain them. Moreover fortunate enough to be there at his parents Shashti Poorthi function <3 <3

Thanks to Dr Maharaja Sivasubramanian‚Äč N to have made me strong in my Online Presence because of which I got this opportunity. A few weeks back the cricketer’s mom called me from abroad after seeing my website and confirmed the event. (y)
Once again thanks to each and every heart and soul behind this journey of mine _/\_ (y)

Stage Emcee Thamizharasan at Ampa Skywalk MallAbsolutely cool now and forever, 
hamizharasan Karunakaran.

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