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Had a great evening with 2 inspiring persons – Samuel Eddy and Dr Maharaja

Had a 7 hours productive discussion with 2 inspiring persons. Yes, my mentor Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N took me with him to meet Mr Samuel Eddy (http://samglobal.org/) at his house at Velachery today evening. Sam is a person who has inspired us in recent times. We have been planning to meet him for a long time and it has got fulfilled today. 

Wow! What an exhilarated evening it was. We visited his house at 4.30pm and left from there by 11.30pm. A lot of discussion, sharing and great learning. 99% of the total time I spent there I was just an observer of their discussion. I have been just wondering on the topics they were discussing. Topics went around personal life, professional life, career, health, fitness, job opportunities in India and abroad, Million dollar ideas and implementation, goals, life purpose, spirituality, Lord Shiva, Vedas, Jesus Christ, business, business tricks and principles, approaching a woman in the right way, International happenings, training programs, students, parents, need of mentor, social media, technology, marketing, celebrities, passive income, tea preparation, auto biography, partying etc.
OMG! Nothing was left in the discussion; every topic under the universe was discussed (though I have slightly exaggerated here).  In fact it was one of my long time dreams to spend time with highly effective people and listen to their success journey. And it has happened today. A great learning for me from Sam and Dr Maharaja.
Out of this discussion I have got a lot of validation and reinforcement to my earlier thoughts and I’m confident and strong enough now to carry out them.
Thank you Dr Maharaja to have taken me with you and to have given me such a lovely opportunity.
Sam : You are really amazing. Thank you so much for your time inspite of your busy schedule. I know you are committed to a lot of big projects and still you have spent time for us. I’m sure today’s discussion of ours would definitely result in a Win-Win-Win situation and we would be able to contribute a lot to others and our society through our association. Not everyone would like to share their success tips and tricks, but you did it. Keep inspiring people. God Bless you. Hats off to you. _/\_
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