Jan 302016

Had a great time with under privileged kids along with my parents and friends 

Its 7 years since I spent my birthday with under privileged kids. So I decided to spend this birthday with under privileged kids and also wanted to entertain them unlike other years. Since the time I became an Event Emcee I have been hosting a lot of birthday events and NGO events. A few weeks back a thought flashed into my mind that I should host my own event this time. So I decided to spend a few hours with these kids after their lunch to entertain them and make the day memorable for them. Though my birthday is tomorrow, due to non-availability of my parents’ time I decided to visit the memorial home today. 

Thanks to my good friends Emcee Nandhini, Emcee / Photographer Krishna and Mr Newton from HCL foundation who gave me the reference. They suggested SIP (South India Positive) Network which is at Nabigal Naayagam Street (opposite to GKM Colony 30th Street), Periyar Nagar, Chennai – 600 082. It’s a memorial home for the kids who are affected with HIV/AIDS and non-affected children whose parents are suffering with AIDS. More info about this home here.

Address and contact details:
South India Positive Network Periyar Nagara Kolathur Chennai

I went there with my mother, father, my friends Fast Track Arumugam, Aarthi, Sumana, Revan, Sridevi and her friends, Emcees Nandhini, Aniiruth and Jeni. After our lunch with kids we took them to their terrace, conducted games for them for a couple of hours. I should say that these kids are very intelligent and bright. In fact in a lot of my games I was not able to make them out; their concentration and attention was awesome. Also these kids were very witty and have wonderful sense of humour. Whenever I introduced my friends with their names, these kids gave counter dialogue for each name.  We were amazed with their spontaneity and their energy level.

Overall had a great time with these kids. Will share more in another blog post.

Thanks to my parents, my friends Arumugam and Aarthi for being with me in this great occasion. Great thanks to Sumana for bringing in gifts and chocolates for the kids. My heartfelt thanks to Emcees Nandhini, Aniiruth and Jeni for being with me in entertaining the kids. Sridevi : I don’t have words to thank you. Thanks a tonne for accepting my last minute invite and your presence along with your brother and friends has graced the occasion. Thanks again for all the snacks items you have got for the kids. _/\_

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