Apr 122013

Happy to invite you for my brother’s wedding reception

Dear Visitor,

Please wait for a minute to read this before you scroll down. Actually I wrote the below blog post to invite my friends for my brother’s wedding reception in the year 2013. But I’m surprised to see that everyday 50 to 60 visitors come to this page after searching in Google for some keywords like “Brothers wedding invitation, words for invitation, invite in Tamil”, etc. For the last one year I was just happy that a lot of people are coming to my website with this key word. But now I would like to be more responsible by helping you. So I have re-written this blog post now.

I would like to know what exactly are you looking for? Because I’m sure if you have come to this page, you definitely have some marriage function at your home or at your friends/relatives’ home and you are looking for something. So let me know your requirement. I would see what’s the best I can do for you.

You can email me at thamizh@vjthamizharasan.com or call/message me at 9840003813. Also you can leave a comment below this blog post.

What way I can help you?
I can give you the reference for good caterers, photographers, event managers, decorators, etc. Also I’m an Event EmCee who hosts game shows in the gathering to keep the crowd engaged and entertained. So if you want you shall use me as well for your function. Incase you don’t need an Emcee for a marriage, you definitely may need in other occasions like Birthday Party, Naming Ceremony, get together, etc. Click this link to know what are the occasions you can use my services.

Also here are some tips to keep your Wedding Ceremonies and Birthday Parties more colourful:
1) Magic Shows
2) Puppet Shows (Ventriloquism)
3) Mimicry
4) Variety dance
5) Singing
6) EmCeeing and Game shows.

My advance wishes for your function.

ok, now you can proceed to see my invitation for my brother’s wedding.

Online invitation for wedding

Dear Friends,

I take immense pleasure in welcoming you all for the wedding reception of my brother Dillibabu Karunakaran (Advocate) on 15th April 2013 between 7pm to 9pm at Ganga Cauveri Marriage Hall, 49 T H Road, Kaladipet, Chennai 600 019. I really wanted to invite everyone of you personally, however due to time constraint I’m forced to invite you through face book and my website.  Please please consider this as my personal invitation and do show your presence to bless him on this occasion. I would be glad to see your faces there.

Wedding Photography

Please find the invitation copies below.

Dillibabu Wedding Reception Invitation 4 Dillibabu Wedding Reception Invitation 1 Dillibabu Wedding Reception Invitation 2 Dillibabu Wedding Reception Invitation 3  Ganga Kaveri Marriage Hall Route map

Also I’m glad to share my family photo here for the first time on my website (me with my parents, brothers and sister in law).

Thamizharasan with Brothers Thamizharasan with Family Thamizh Family photo

Looking forward to meeting you at the wedding reception. 🙂

Online invitation for wedding


Advocate R Karunakaran's family Always yours with absolute cool now and forever,
VJ Thamizharasan





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