May 152015

Have become the victim of a robbery

The landmarks mentioned in this post can be understood only by those who are familiar with North Chennai :

Feeling shameful that I easily allowed two guys to snatch a chain from my neck (though its a silver chain) and I was not aware of that for an hour. After visiting my cousin’s house at Thiruvottiyur, on the way home, I stopped my bike at Cross Road Udipi hotel to deposit cash in the SBI ATM(CDM) that was on the opposite side. Deposited the cash and when I came back to my bike, a guy hit me on my head shouting at me that “What did u talk to those girls”, the other guy was standing behind me. I shouted at this guy (ofcourse in fear) saying I’m coming from the ATM and I don’t know anything. He immediately said “Ok ok” and they both left.

Took sometime for me to come out of the trauma and then I wanted to complain abt these guys to police and went inside the street where the H5 police station has been shifted. Fortunately these two guys have been going by that side and I followed them and found where they sat at last. It was near a petty shop near the cross road Mosque. Unfortunately I couldnt find the police station and I decided to return home. Within a Kilometer, found the Patrol police at Lakshmi Koil junction and explained to them what happened and alerted them to visit the place where these guys finally sat, so that these guys don’t give trouble to others. Till then I thought that these guys were drunk and thats why they troubled me.

After I reached home, checked in mirror if there was any hurt in my face or body, I was shocked to see that my chain was missing. Only then I realized these guys were chain snatchers. Then I didn’t want to leave these guys anymore. Called the control room “100” and explained them. They gave the information to the H5 police station and the SI called me (the same SI to whom I reported to at Lakshmi Koil junction). Alerted him that they are chain snatchers. However he has visited the spot and he couldnt find them. I feel little shameful and guilty that if I had taken some more bold decisions there at the spot, these guys would have been caught easily.
Purpose of this post: To alert you that robbery happens in this method too. At first I thought they were drunkards and later identified they are chain snatchers. Fortunately there is not a single mark on me but the chain is with them now so easily.


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