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How my website and online presence started generating revenue for me

In my previous post, I explained how my website has been helping me for my Personal Branding and what are the things I started doing after creating my website. I ended the post saying that my website started generating revenue after 14th month and I would discuss that in the next post. So here is the continuation.

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In the month of September 2013 I got a call from an Event Manager from Bangalore to check if I would be able to host a chain of events for Cognizant Technology Solutions. I got an order for 11 consecutive days to host that event. That was a big break through in my Event Emceeing career. Prior to that I had hosted only one event and I posted those images in my website. It was with those images, this event manager was able to find me. CTS event gave me a good amount of revenue and also a great portfolio (photos and videos from that event) for me. Whatever the amount I spent for my website in that first 14 months, I had earned more than 3 times in that single chain of event. That was the starting point for my reveue generation through my website and from then onwards it continued.

After completing that CTS event, I had a wonderful portfolio to market myself as an Event Emcee. I uploaded a lot of photos and videos of that event and that helped my website to perform better in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I also wrote a couple of articles about that event. Since then whenever someone searches in Google for “Corporate Emcee in Chennai” my website stood first in the search result (First page First Link).

Chennai Corporate Emcee SEO Screenshot Male Emcees in Chennai SEO screenshot

After that I started getting a lot of enquiries for events. through online. I usually get calls from Bangalore and Mumbai event managers and from individuals from Chennai for their family functions.

My first online order was from Bangalore event manager who gave that CTS event and my 2nd online order was also from another event manager from Bangalore. And I would say that event was another breakthrough in my events career. The event was for Bollineni Hillside Apartments, Semmancherry to entertain the residents and new customers of Bollineni Hillside Apartments. That was the event where I got the highest paid cheque for a single day in my events career. Also I met another person there through whom I got one more event in Chennai, and again through which I got a few more events. Apart from that I got very good contacts in the Event industry. Thats why I say Bollineni Hillside event was another breakthru in my events career. It paid me good amount of money and brought new contacts to me through whom I’m getting a lot of events now. So I would say whatever the revenue that’s generated through these contacts from Bollineni Hillside, I would consider them as indirect revenue from my website because Bollineni Hillside event happened through my website.

Chennai Corporate Emcee Images SEO Screenshot

I once got a call from Indian Cricketer Dinesh Karthik’s mom to host her family event. It was for Dinesh Karthik’s father’s Shashti Poorthi Celebrations (60th Birthday). When his mom was in Kuwait she found me through online search and she called me over the phone and finalized the event and the event happened after she came to Chennai.

I also got a lot of opportunities to host bigger events. One such event was HSL (Hero Super League). I got call from Bangalore event manager, I cleared the telephonic interview and I was scheduled for in-person interview. Had this interview at Nehru stadium. I didn’t clear the in-person interview as I didn’t have previous experience of hosting an event in big sports stadium. However me being called for an interview for such a big event itself is a great achievement for me and credit goes to my website.

When I worked for TV Channels in 2014, I was not able to accept the event offers that came to me as I was busy with channel work 7 days a week.

However in 2015 I decided to get back to events and I started getting 5 to 8 enquiries a month through online search and 1 to 2 orders get finalized. When I calculated my revenue from events two days back, I was surprised and happy to see that 60% of my revenue has come through online orders, 10% of my revenue has come as indirect revenue through my website. Also whatever the amount I have invested on my website so far, I have earned 4 times of that through online orders.

This post is not to boast about myself and my website, rather it’s to create an awareness among you that there is a huge potential online. You would have find this post interesting and may be you would also want to increase your online presence and start enjoying the benefits of it. Just hold on. I’m going to share it in my next post “What exactly I did to increase my online presence“.

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I would like to thank my Mentor / Coach Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N who introduced me to this concept of Online Presence and Online Branding and for continuously training me on this. Also my special thanks to Event Manager Kumaran whom I met at Bollineni Hillside Event and Emcee Jayshree who was introduced to me by Kumaran. Through Jayshree I’m able to take a lot of events and also I have been introduced to a lot of people in Event Industry.

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