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Hypnotique Circle (Madras) welcomes you for its monthly meeting – 12th October, 2014

Dear Friends,

I would like to invite you for Hypnotique Circle’s monthly meeting on 12/10/2014 (Sunday) at Hotel Palm Grove, Chennai between 2.29pm to 6.00pm. To know more about Hypnotique Circle, what’s hypnotism, who are the audience and what are the topics discussed, please check my earlier post  http://vjthamizharasan.com/welcome-to-hypnotique-circles-madras-monthly-meeting/ by clicking here. Also you can get more details in it’s website www.hypnotiquecircle.com.

Hypnotique Circle takes delight in presenting two unique sessions titled

 1.“The Magic Book of Listening”

By Mr Manoj Keshav, Director-Training, Zeal Leadership Academy, from 2.45 pm to 4.15 pm 

Listening is a means of cultivating, understanding and sustaining relationships. It is both a commitment and a compliment. The session will help the participants uncover twelve major blocks to listening. The well-known raconteur that he is, Manoj Keshav will take us through the process and facilitate us in rediscovering ourselves and others.

The post tea session will be on:

 2. “Human rights and Women”

By Mr T Sankarvel, Educationist and Human Rights Activist.

An acclaimed practitioner of law, he will introduce us to the insightful world of human rights and sensitise us to the rights women are entitled to.  

As usual, the meeting will be rounded off with a session on Mass Relaxation.

Please find below the complete agenda:
Hypnotique Circle October 2014 Agenda Final

If time permits and you are inclined towards the topic / Hypnotique Circle, please do attend this session and get benefited. Have a nice time. 🙂


VJ Thamizharasan at Hypnotique Circle (Madras)


Absolutely cool now and forever, 
hamizharasan Karunakaran.

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