Aug 092012

Video: My presentation on Memory Training at Hypnotique Circle (Madras)

Dear Friends,

I have been attending Hypnotique Circle(Madras) regularly for the past 3.5 years. Hypnotique Circle (Madras) is a Self Development Circle which is running successfully for the past 39 years. This circle meets on 2nd Sunday of every month between 2.29 to 6.00pm at Hotel Palm Grove, Chennai (behind Gemini fly over) .

People from different fields assemble here in search of knowledge and to develop themselves in a positive way. It includes doctors, journalists, lawyers, psychologists, managers, financial advisers, trainers, etc. Training topics include motivation, goal setting, inter personal relationship, self development, career development and lot more. Session ends with the mass relaxation which is the USP of the Hypnotique Circle. Mass relaxation helps you in keeping your body and mind calm, relaxed and to accept positive suggestions.





There is a myth about hypnotism. The myth is that the hypnotist tries to attract other people through his eyes and induce them to do anti-social work or make them do work for his personal benefits. However this myth is absolutely wrong. Hypnotism is nothing but giving suggestions to your sub-conscious mind by bye-passing your conscious mind. When you give a suggestion to your sub-conscious mind, it somehow works to get the job done for you.

A lot of speakers and trainers have come out as better trainers after speaking in Hypnotique Circle (Madras).

I feel proud and happy to inform that I have given a presentation on “Problem Solving and Time Management” at Hypnotique Circle (Madras) a year back. Now I’m given a 2nd chance here to give a presentation on “Memory Training”. This happens on 12/08/2012. Please find below the Agenda. (Click the image to view the larger image).



Memory is the process by which information is coded, stored and retrieved. To say in layman’s language it’s nothing but receiving, registering and recollecting. A lot of people say that they have poor memory that they are unable to recollect things. It’s actually not the problem with the recollecting, it’s problem with receiving and registering.Once you receive and register the message well, it’s very hard to forget it, which means it’s very easy to remember it. So instead of concentrating on recollecting, we need to concentrate how to receive and register the message. I’m going to explain a very simple technique to register and remember things in our life.

I take immense pleasure in welcoming you for this session. If you are interested and if your time permits, please do attend this session and get benefited. I would be happy to see a lot of familiar faces there.

Always yours with absolute cool now and forever,

VJ Thamizharasan




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