May 032015

My updated profile for Event Emceeing in Slideshare

As everyone knows that I’m an Actor, Anchor and Event Emcee, I keep updating my profile periodically with new pictures and new videos. Also I share my profile in multiple platforms like my Website, Facebook, Linked in, Twitter, etc. Now I have extended my online presence by getting into one more platform which is called as “Slideshare”. is one of the Social Media where you can upload your PPT (Powerpoint) files and share it with others. There are several advantages of using Slideshare. To point out few:

1)  You don’t have trouble of attaching huge files (PPT) in email. Rather you shall upload your file once in slideshare and then just share the link with your contacts. They can click the link and view your PPT. If needed they can download it too to read it offline.

2) You can embed your youtube videos in between the slides. Usually videos are the files that consume huge file size and its very tedious to share a video file. So you shall upload your video in you tube and embed the link in your slides, so that the viewers can see all your details including the videos within the slide itself, rather than going to youtube to watch your video.

3) Whenever you make changes in your PPT, you can re-upload the PPT in the same link where you uploaded your previous version. Because of this when your friends open the link which you gave them long back, still they would be able to view your new PPT and there is no chance for broken links. If you have embeded videos, make sure that that the number of slides in new version is same as the number of slides in older version. If they are same, embeded videos would still be there. If the number of slides differ, then you need to once again embed the videos.

There are lot more advantages of using slideshare. You shall find them once you start using slideshare.

You can find my updated profile for Event Emceeing (Birthday Parties, Game Shows, Mall Activities, Product Launches, Corporate Shows, etc) below.  Suggestions and feedback are welcome. Orders and Bookings are MOST welcome 🙂

Special discount for bookings coming through Online till 30th June 2015. You get 10% Discount for the bookings and payments made before 30th June 2015. Mention the Promo code “JuneRKT10” when you contact me. Additional discounts for NGOs and Non-Profit Organizations.

I would like to Thank MC Sarita (from Bangalore) who was an inspiration for me to start my slideshare account. Though I have known slideshare for a long time and wanted to create an account in slideshare I kept postponing it. When I saw MC Sarita‘s update about her profile in slideshare, it reminded me to open my account and I created my account and updated in next 10 minutes. And I’m proud now that my update would make a lot of you create your slideshare account and start using it.

All the best.

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