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My visit to Chennapuri Samajam with HCL Team
I went to Chennapuri Samajam (an orphanage cum school for children) at R A Puram on 28th March 2015, Saturday. I was invited by Hardik Patel (Manager at HCL) to conduct games for the kids at the orphanage. I have known him for more than 8 years as I worked in his team at HCL in 2007. Even after I quit HCL, we both are in regular touch and we have very good rapport. So when it was planned at HCL that they are going to visit this school, he wanted to check with me if I would be able to visit there and entertain the kids. I always love HCL and visiting orphanages is also a great thing for me, so I immediately accepted the offer. When I entered the hall on Saturday, I was surprised to see that few volunteers from HCL were already entertaining the kids. For a moment I felt that my presence was not at all needed as the show had already been going extremely well. HCL volunteers danced for the orphanage kids and also they made the kids sing and dance and it was a great entertainment. Then I conducted a few games for the kids and HCL volunteers also participated in the games actively and enthusiastically.
Visit to Chennapuri Samajam with HCL Team Visit to Chennapuri Samajam with HCL Team Visit to Chennapuri Samajam with HCL Team Visit to Chennapuri Samajam with HCL Team

During the lunch, HCL volunteers took initiative to serve food for the kids. Post lunch, they played Cricket with the kids and that was a great moment and absolute entertainment for both the kids and the volunteers. In the evening, after a few more games, HCL volunteers’ entertaining performances continued with singing, dancing, etc. Then late in the evening they distributed the snacks and gift items to the kids and ended the day with photo session.
 Visit to Chennapuri Samajam with HCL Team Visit to Chennapuri Samajam with HCL TeamVisit to Chennapuri Samajam with HCL Team Visit to Chennapuri Samajam with HCL Team
I really enjoyed the day there and felt proud that I had spent my day more productively with these kids. I’m very happy that I was also a small part of this great initiative to help these kids.I would like to thank Hardik, Cynthia (HR), Vinoth and all the team members of HCL who were part of this visit and those who also lent their support for this visit but were not able to take part in this visit. I appreciate your good heart for spending your money and your precious valuable time for these kids. God Bless you team.

For more pictures and more info about this visit, click here.

At first when I entered into the school I wanted to maintain professionalism as I had gone there to conduct the game shows. But as time passed by, I realized that “Hey come on ya, these volunteers are from HCL, the company which you loved the most. They are no different than you, they are your friends”. As this thought flashed into my mind, I was able to gel more with them and I was happy that I was able to make more friends out of this event. A lot of them are already connected with me through Facebook and Whatapp and I assume few more will be connected soon. A special thanks to you Hardik for this.

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