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Role of the Emcee (the host) in a birthday party

MC is the abbreviation for Master of Ceremonies, the one who hosts the live shows like birthday party, wedding reception, team outing, product launches, promotional activities, etc. Later MC has become Emcee.

Emcee takes care of the complete flow of the event from start to end. In a birthday party Emcee takes the stage, welcomes the guest, introduce the family members and the birthday baby and then conduct games to entertain the guests. Also if other performances like dance, mimicry, etc are planned, Emcee makes sure everything goes in order and he/she takes care of the complete flow. During cake cutting, Emcee makes sure that all the important family members are on stage (like grand parents, close relatives like aunties and uncles etc). Emcee also helps the guests in getting directions for the rest room and dining hall.

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