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Some basic tips to start your Social Media Marketing

A lot of people contact me in my inbox asking me for guidance to get into media career or sometimes for other careers too. I know I’m not an expert yet to guide them as I’m just in the beginning stage of my media career. However I have learnt a lot of marketing tips from my mentor Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N in the last 3 years (especially in the Online Branding and Digital Marketing Workshop). Hence I would like to share the glimpse of these learning which would help the amateurs and those who are clueless how to kick start the marketing for their career. 

I’m sharing my tips here. You can use whichever is applicable for you, whichever you feel to be logic and whichever makes sense for you. These tips are for online marketing (especially Social Media like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter). Will share more details in future posts.

Here are the Tips:

  • As much as possible have your Profile picture in line with your profession
  • Have your cover picture in line with your profession along with contact details and more info
  • Have your Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter profile updated with your professional details
  • Become member of related groups (Try to join minimum of 20 groups related to your profession)
  • Read the posts in those groups, like the posts and comment whereever you can.
  • Take part in the discussions in those groups
  • Write articles related to your profession and share them in your wall and in the groups

Why updating Profile Picture, Cover Picture and Profile with Professional Details? 
This will help you to be identified easily when someone visits your profile. As soon as they visit your wall, they can instantly identify your profession and your services and it gets registered in their mind. You would be remembered when there is a need for them in that particular service.

Thamizharasan Social Media Profile

Why joining groups?
You can find like minded people in the groups and hence meeting the demand and supply is easy in a group. When you join a group and continuosly engage in the group by liking the posts, commenting, writing your own posts, then you will be identified and remembered by other group members. Your profession and services also get registered in their mind. When you write something on your wall only your contacts would be able to see it. Whereas when you engage in a group, a lot of unknown people also notice you and there is more possibility for you to get new businesses. Maximum number of friends you can have for your profile is 5000. However when it comes for groups, I have seen groups having more than 60,000 members in the group which means you are visible to several thousands of people when you engage in a group.

Why writing article related to your profession?
Rather than keep on telling people that you are providing a particular service and you want them to buy it from you, if you could write articles explaining why they need your product/service, it would help them to take a better decision and moreover they would like this approach. These days what people expect is “What is in it for me?“. So explain them in advance why they need your products or services and what way it will help them. When you keep on writing articles related to your profession, people would show interest to read them and when there is a need for them in that particular service, you would be the first person they would remember because by this time you would have been considered as an expert by them.

These are the basic Online Marketing tips that can be used in Social Media. However to make it more effective, you would need your own website / blog. Will share more details in future posts.

Please feel to share your feedback and suggestions about this article in the comment section below this post. All the Best.

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