Feb 062016

Singer Benny Dayal’s Live in Concert at The Forum Vijaya Mall, 06th February 2016

I went to the Forum Vijaya Mall today evening and I was so fortunate enough to see something special there. Yes, singer Benny Dayal’s Live in Concert was arranged there. I was enthralled to see the crowd waiting for his performance. I couldn’t find a single place to accommodate myself to watch his show. Yes all the 4 floors plus the ground floor were flooded with people and majority of the time I watched his performance while travelling in the escalators from one floor to another.

Some how I managed to get some space to stand and capture the videos and photographs. It was a great experience watching the live in concert. Also watching such performances increase the vigour in media aspirants like me and it makes us to work harder and achieve the goals sooner.

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Dec 282015

Hosted event at Thiruthangal Nadar Vidyalaya Thiruvottiyur – 28th December 2015

Very Happy that I hosted an event in a school which was in my “To Host” list for a long time. Yes, hosted the Thomas Cook Travel Quest Quiz event at Thiruthangal Nadar Vidyalaya Thiruvottiyur today.

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Dec 272015

Video (in Tamil) : Chennai Emcee Thamizharasan’s request to Event Managers to share their biz cards

I would request the Event Managers who work with me and who gives me events to give me some of your business cards so that I shall share those cards with clients/ guests after my event. It’s a great branding for you. More info in the below video :

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Dec 262015

Hosted a Sangeet at Vestin Park Hotel, Egmore – 26th December 2015
Had a great time today. Hosted a Sangeet at Hotel Vestin Park, Egmore. I was overwhelmed with the response from the audience. This is one of the Sangeets that I have hosted that had a lot of power packed performances and highly participatory guests. Relatives and friends of bride and groom had planned for a lot of dances and singing. Apart from the planned performances, there were also a lot of spontaneous performances from the guests. All the age category people (starting from kids upto old people) enthusiastically joined the dance floor and gave their best. Almost 80% of the guests joined the dance floor.
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Dec 232015

Ready to take New Year 2016 Events 

Dear Event Managers / Event Organizers / Man Power and Clients,

Greetings from Thamizharasan Karunakaran, Event Emcee, Anchor and Actor.

Have been little tied up with a few projects and online work for a month; Wasnt sure if I would be able to complete them by the end of this month. Hence I wasnt able to announce my availability for New Year events till yesterday.

However majority of those projects are in good shape now and in final moments of completion. Hence I’m sure now I would be able to take up New Year events.

I hereby would like to announce that I’m ready to host NEW YEAR 2016 event at any venue (inside or outside Chennai).

You Shall find my profile here : www.vjthamizharasan.com/emceeing
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Nov 082015

One of the memorable days in my events career as an Emcee Trainer – 08th November 2015

Yet another remarkable day in my events career; this time as an Emcee Trainer. Got the opportunity to train my buddy Srividya Kannan in a Family Function. I have been training a lot of emcees in the last few months and usually I host the show and make them co-host the show. But this time I wanted to make my buddy host the show and I wanted to be a co-host.

Went to a family party today evening at Kodungaiyur with my buddy Srividya. During our travel taught her the basics of emceeing, few games, the event flow and told her that she would be hosting the complete event and I would be just a support.

We started the event with table games and then took the stage to conduct main games. After the main games, she took the complete charge of entertaining kids by making them dance. Continue reading »

Oct 012015

My First Live Beam (video) in #Fame Mobile App

Feeling excited. <3 <3 Gonna host a live show in the #Digital #Entertainment #App #Fame Trial Show starts today. My show would be at 1pm today on Entertainment – Event Management and Games. It wud be for 20 to 30minutes. To watch this show live, pls download the app #Fame in your #Android mobile. (Cannot see the recording later). Thank you all for your blessings and support. Thank you Lakshmi Balasubramanian for the opportunity and Hari Haran​ for the technology support _/\_ 🙂

Chennai Emcee VJ Actor Thamizharasan live show at #fame Mobile app
#Events #Event #Management #Fun #Games #Entertainment

Jul 202015

I’m not in social media only for fun and time pass, there is something more than that – Part 2 of 2

What do we need to do to face the reality bolder and stronger rather than escaping from it?
I’m in an entertainment industry, but still why do I say fun is not the only solution for our real life problems?
Is marketing really wrong and creates a bad impression for me (and you) or is it really needed for everyone?

I ended my previous post with the above questions and I’m going to answer these questions in this post. In case you have not read my previous post, then you may not understand the context of these questions. So please read my previous post by clicking here and then come back to this post. If you have already read my previous post, then thanks to have read my lengthier post and go ahead and continue reading below.

To answer the “Type 2” people’s question “why do you create a bad impression for yourself by doing a lot of marketing in Social Media?”, I would first of all say Marketing is needed for everyone irrespective of their profession, designation or qualification. Every one is doing marketing in one way or other. Even if you say you don’t have anything to sell, at least you need to sell yourselves. That’s what happen in an interview. You need to sell yourselves or your skills to get a job. So everyone is a marketer by some way or other. We do marketing either by word of mouth, refer to our contacts or by sharing the information online. Continue reading »

Sep 022012

A Birthday celebration at Seva Darshan

I have been celebrating birthdays in different ways. At young age, used to go to temple in the morning and go to school late. It would be different to see everyone in uniform and myself in colour dress. It’s a different feeling which cannot be expressed with words. Continue reading »

Aug 062012

Video: This Friendship day was more productive

Yesterday 05th August, 2012 was Friendship day. I hope everyone had celebrated this day with your friends. Me too enjoyed this day. Actually I started my day dark without current at home (in fact no power at my home since the previous night). However I managed to make the day beautiful and more productive. Continue reading »