Sep 192015

What do I do in Birthday Parties as an Event Host?

  • I reach the venue 30 minutes before the event start time.
  • I get a table and arrange my games properties on the table and I’m ready to start games for whoever comes in.
  • Usually birthday invite would say it starts at 7pm and ideal time for cake cutting is 7.45pm.
  • From 6.30 to 7pm I would be conducting games near this table.
  • By 7pm I would take the main stage and welcome the guests and would conduct main games on stage till 7.45pm
  • Then I initiate the cake cutting and once the cake cutting is over, I inform the guests about the dinner and also keep them informed that I would be available for games near the table till 9pm.
  • I would continue conducting games near the table till 9pm.

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Sep 192015

Role of the Emcee (the host) in a birthday party

MC is the abbreviation for Master of Ceremonies, the one who hosts the live shows like birthday party, wedding reception, team outing, product launches, promotional activities, etc. Later MC has become Emcee.

Emcee takes care of the complete flow of the event from start to end. In a birthday party Emcee takes the stage, welcomes the guest, introduce the family members and the birthday baby and then conduct games to entertain the guests. Continue reading »

Sep 192015

What are the things you should think about for a birthday party?

1) Party Hall
2) Decoration
3) Food
4) Cake
5) Return Gifts
6) Invitation
7) Entertainment
8) Sound system
9) Stalls

1) You can either book a party hall or book a wedding hall and go for grand decoration. Decoration includes Balloon decoration, Designing Flex banners, etc. If you book party hall, majority of the places they charge you for buffet and give the hall for free. However they will need minimum orders like 50 numbers or 100 numbers. Also you cannot order for food from outside caterers. If you book a wedding hall, you pay only for the rent and miscellaneous and you can order for catering from outside. Continue reading »

Sep 182015

Pogo school event completed successfully

Lovely beautiful journey comes to an end. Yes, my Pogo School event got completed successfully on 16th September 2015. We went to 70 schools in the city. I hosted in 40 schools, entertrained around 32000 kids. This 1.5 months journey has been a great learning, fun, wonderful experience and has given me tremendous joy and satisfaction. Completed the event with the last school Madanlal Khemani Vivekananda Vidyalaya, Gummidipoondi. Continue reading »

Sep 142015

Had a lovely event at my favourite schools

Another emotional day. One of the Happiest days in my life. If I say “I’m Happy” it’s a very small word. Don’t know how to expess my happiness. Tears in my eyes out of happiness. Feel like I have achieved my life purpose. Long time dream has come true.

1) Went to a school, the school which I was dreaming for a long time either to go as a performer or as a chief guest. Entertrained around 1500 kids.
2) Went as a performer to the school where I studied and entertrained around 2000 kids.
3) Went to another school, the school inside which I have never entered but have been passing by that side regularly for several years.
4) Went to another school which is the sister concern of the school where I studied and felt like I’m conducting event for my own brothers and sisters. Continue reading »

Sep 042015

Hosted the Agents’ Day for LIC Financial Advisers 

Happy to have gone to LIC (CBO 8 Branch), Anna Salai to host an event. Last year I went to the same branch as a Trainer (to conduct training on Online Branding and Website Developing). This year I was invited to host game shows in this event.

LIC CBO – 8, Annasalai celebrated their agents day today (04th September 2015). My very good friend Raja (Financial Adviser and Motivational Trainer) invited me to host game shows in this event. However after I reached there, I told him that I would host the complete show and will take care of the event flow.  Continue reading »

Sep 022015

August 2015 – Greatest Month ever in my events career

9 Clients
18 days of event
26 schools
34 Locations including 4 Locations outside Chennai
Entertained more than 20000 Kids
40% of total revenue through Online from 3 events
Hosted various types of events – School Event, Corporate Event, Doctor’s Conference, Wedding engagement, Sangeet, Team Outing, Independence Day Celebration, Business Meet.
Chennai Emcee Thamizharasan August 2015 Events
Wonderful month ever. 🙂 (y)
Thanks to all the Heart and souls behind this journey _/\_ Looking forward to having continuous support. 

More info to follow in later posts.

Actor Thamizharasan Portfolio Collage DPThamizharasan Karunakaran
Actor / Anchor and Event Emcee
EnterTrainer – Connecting with people.

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Aug 292015
Chennai Emcee Thamizharasan hosting CTC 2015 at Sutherland DLF

Very glad that I have been busy with back to back events

Haven’t been active in Social Media for the last few days. Have been travelling a lot for events. I’m glad that I’m busy with events and at the same time would like to be in touch with everyone. Had great experience in the last few days. Would share details and pictures through my blog soon. 🙂 (y) <3

Hosted Pogo School event, Corporate Talent Championship 2015 and a wedding engagement.

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Aug 192015

Performed as a Translator for an event at Karaikal

Back to Chennai after a lovely event at Karaikal. Justified my role of being a Translator. Though the translated script was given to me, I was given little bit freedom to use my creativity during the delivery. I’m happy with my performance though it was just for 5 mins.

I need to mention a lot about the Performers who came with us (Dancers, Mimicry Artiste and the B Boing Boys)…..Wow! Its amazing guys. I also should mention the high energy that was maintained throughout the show by the performers including Emcee Hema. Will write more about it in future blog posts (and also will share videos ). Continue reading »

Aug 172015

Hosted the event for Pogo at Schools in Chennai – Day 6: 17th August 2015

Hosted the event “Bheem ka Fitness Formula” for Pogo TV channel in 2 schools in Chennai, today. Took a week break from the Pogo School event to host my other events and started this event again today. Went to Sri Sankara Senior Secondary School, Adyar and Shri Krishnaswamy Matriculation School, Nungambakkam.  Continue reading »