Dec 282015

Hosted event at Thiruthangal Nadar Vidyalaya Thiruvottiyur – 28th December 2015

Very Happy that I hosted an event in a school which was in my “To Host” list for a long time. Yes, hosted the Thomas Cook Travel Quest Quiz event at Thiruthangal Nadar Vidyalaya Thiruvottiyur today.

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Dec 272015

Video (in Tamil) : Chennai Emcee Thamizharasan’s request to Event Managers to share their biz cards

I would request the Event Managers who work with me and who gives me events to give me some of your business cards so that I shall share those cards with clients/ guests after my event. It’s a great branding for you. More info in the below video :

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Dec 262015

Hosted a Sangeet at Vestin Park Hotel, Egmore – 26th December 2015
Had a great time today. Hosted a Sangeet at Hotel Vestin Park, Egmore. I was overwhelmed with the response from the audience. This is one of the Sangeets that I have hosted that had a lot of power packed performances and highly participatory guests. Relatives and friends of bride and groom had planned for a lot of dances and singing. Apart from the planned performances, there were also a lot of spontaneous performances from the guests. All the age category people (starting from kids upto old people) enthusiastically joined the dance floor and gave their best. Almost 80% of the guests joined the dance floor.
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Dec 262015

Small intro about me to those who have got connected with me recently

Dear Friends!

Just wanted to give a small intro about me to those who have got connected with me recently and those who have not been in touch with me for a long time. Let me take (grab) this opportunity to introduce myself.

I’m Thamizharasan Karunakaran called in short as “R K Thamizh”. I’m a Psychologist by qualification, an Anchor / Actor/ Stage EmCee by passion and profession.

I started my career as a Tool and Die Maker (proud product of NTTF) and then worked for a few BPOs and Call Centres as Customer Service Representative and Process Trainer. I quit all those fields to Chase my Passion. My passion has always been into Media / Events and Training. My core value is “Connecting with people” and I make sure any work I do connects me with people. Continue reading »

Dec 242015

My updated Emceeing profile – December 2015

Dear Event Managers / Event Organizers / Man Power and Clients,


I have recently updated my Emceeing profile and would like to bring it to your attention. You shall find the updated profile in the link (Slideshare)

If you would like to receive the PPT / PDF version of my profile, please inbox / sms / whatsapp me your email address. Will email you my profile. My mobile no. 9840003813 / email
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Nov 262015

Video (in Tamil) : Chennai Emcee Thamizharasan explaining in Tamil what is Emcee / MC

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Nov 262015

Video (in English) : Chennai Emcee Thamizharasan explaining in English what is Emcee / MC

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Nov 232015

Tips for Emcees (MCs) to use their email address effectively

These tips are mainly for the full time emcees (though can be used by other part time emcees as well; infact can be used for other professions as well).

* Start using Gmail ID or Yahoo ID that includes “emcee/MC” in the email address eg:, Start using this email address to send and receive emails so that your contacts would be aware that you are an emcee and it gets registered in their mind everytime they send or receive email from you. Continue reading »

Sep 192015

What do I do in Birthday Parties as an Event Host?

  • I reach the venue 30 minutes before the event start time.
  • I get a table and arrange my games properties on the table and I’m ready to start games for whoever comes in.
  • Usually birthday invite would say it starts at 7pm and ideal time for cake cutting is 7.45pm.
  • From 6.30 to 7pm I would be conducting games near this table.
  • By 7pm I would take the main stage and welcome the guests and would conduct main games on stage till 7.45pm
  • Then I initiate the cake cutting and once the cake cutting is over, I inform the guests about the dinner and also keep them informed that I would be available for games near the table till 9pm.
  • I would continue conducting games near the table till 9pm.

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