Jan 302016

Had a great time with under privileged kids along with my parents and friends 

Its 7 years since I spent my birthday with under privileged kids. So I decided to spend this birthday with under privileged kids and also wanted to entertain them unlike other years. Since the time I became an Event Emcee I have been hosting a lot of birthday events and NGO events. A few weeks back a thought flashed into my mind that I should host my own event this time. So I decided to spend a few hours with these kids after their lunch to entertain them and make the day memorable for them. Though my birthday is tomorrow, due to non-availability of my parents’ time I decided to visit the memorial home today.  Continue reading »

Nov 082015

One of the memorable days in my events career as an Emcee Trainer – 08th November 2015

Yet another remarkable day in my events career; this time as an Emcee Trainer. Got the opportunity to train my buddy Srividya Kannan in a Family Function. I have been training a lot of emcees in the last few months and usually I host the show and make them co-host the show. But this time I wanted to make my buddy host the show and I wanted to be a co-host.

Went to a family party today evening at Kodungaiyur with my buddy Srividya. During our travel taught her the basics of emceeing, few games, the event flow and told her that she would be hosting the complete event and I would be just a support.

We started the event with table games and then took the stage to conduct main games. After the main games, she took the complete charge of entertaining kids by making them dance. Continue reading »

Oct 012015

My First Live Beam (video) in #Fame Mobile App

Feeling excited. <3 <3 Gonna host a live show in the #Digital #Entertainment #App #Fame Trial Show starts today. My show would be at 1pm today on Entertainment – Event Management and Games. It wud be for 20 to 30minutes. To watch this show live, pls download the app #Fame in your #Android mobile. (Cannot see the recording later). Thank you all for your blessings and support. Thank you Lakshmi Balasubramanian for the opportunity and Hari Haran​ for the technology support _/\_ 🙂

Chennai Emcee VJ Actor Thamizharasan live show at #fame Mobile app
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