Jul 142015

How my website and online presence started generating revenue for me

In my previous post, I explained how my website has been helping me for my Personal Branding and what are the things I started doing after creating my website. I ended the post saying that my website started generating revenue after 14th month and I would discuss that in the next post. So here is the continuation.

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In the month of September 2013 I got a call from an Event Manager from Bangalore to check if I would be able to host a chain of events for Cognizant Technology Solutions. I got an order for 11 consecutive days to host that event. That was a big break through in my Event Emceeing career. Prior to that I had hosted only one event and I posted those images in my website. It was with those images, this event manager was able to find me. CTS event gave me a good amount of revenue and also a great portfolio (photos and videos from that event) for me. Whatever the amount I spent for my website in that first 14 months, I had earned more than 3 times in that single chain of event. That was the starting point for my reveue generation through my website and from then onwards it continued. Continue reading »

May 142015

Some basic tips to start your Social Media Marketing

A lot of people contact me in my inbox asking me for guidance to get into media career or sometimes for other careers too. I know I’m not an expert yet to guide them as I’m just in the beginning stage of my media career. However I have learnt a lot of marketing tips from my mentor Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N in the last 3 years (especially in the Online Branding and Digital Marketing Workshop). Hence I would like to share the glimpse of these learning which would help the amateurs and those who are clueless how to kick start the marketing for their career.  Continue reading »

Oct 172014

Blogging Trainer Thamizharasan

Why do you need a blog / website?

When you want to share your information with others all you do is either give your business card, give brochures or explain them in person or on phone. Business cards and brochures have text limitation where you cannot explain everything about you. In person meeting and phone calls consumes your time every time you explain about you to others. This is where your website comes into picture. You can update all your information in your website ( your qualifications, expertise, services offered by you, contact information, pictures, videos, etc) and you shall just share your website link to others through business cards, brochures, emails or by word of mouth (even with a single SMS). After the initial meet, they shall get into your website at the time of their convenience and know more about you. When they know more about you, they would trust you more and which in turn will help you both build a better rapport and it may turn into business relationship as well. Continue reading »