Nov 012014

Monthly newsletter from Thamizharasan Karunakaran – October 2014

Friends Welfare Trust – Helping Hand to Needy 05th October 2014

Quote for the week – 84

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Oct 082014

What is Stage EmCee / VJ / RJ/ Anchor/ Compere/ Host?

People often gets confused when they see my business card. They ask me what is “EmCee“. So I thought I’ll answer it through a blog post so that it reaches a lot of people. Also a lot of people get confused with the words emcee, video jockey (VJ), anchor, host, compere, RJ, DJ, etc. So this post will explain these titles also.

An emcee is the one who hosts a live event. For eg. if you have a birthday party at your home / hotel and you want someone to conduct games to entertain the crowd; The person who conducts these games is called an EmCee and the work what he does is called as EmCeeing.

The word EmCee has come from the abbreviation “MC” which is the abbreviation for “Master of Ceremonies“; The one who masters the ceremony. Live events include Birthday Parties, Naming Ceremonies, Corporate Outing, Corporate Annual Meet / Conference, Product Launches, Book Releases, New Year Celebrations, Festival Celebrations, Get together, School Events, Game Shows at Mall / Office / Corporate, Annual Day, etc..

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Jun 012013

Book review (English transcription part 1)  – Can Love Happen Twice?

After the massive success of his 1st book “I too had a Love Story” which was based on his real life, Ravinder Singh shortly called Ravin had started getting more fans and more emails explaining and expressing their love stories. This motivated him to write his 2nd book “Can Love Happen Twice?“. Like his first book he planned to write a real story as his 2nd book. However the 2nd book is a mixture of – a part of his real life and the rest from the emails that he had got from his readers. However he hasn’t disclosed which part is his real life and which part is taken from the readers; he has left it for our guessing. Continue reading »