Jan 132016

Video : Day 7_12th January 2016_Thamizharasan about Thani Oruvan Tamil Movie at 13th CIFF

Watched “Chennai Ungalai Anbudan Varaverkiradhu” and “Thani Oruvan” Tamil movies at Russian Cultural Centre in the Tamil Film Competition Category. The former movie has been directed by Maruthu Pandiyan and the latter has been directed by Mohan Raja (brother of Actor Jeyam Ravi).

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Dec 242014

Day 7 Review (24th December 2014) – 12th Chennai International Film Festival (CIFF)

Today is a big day for me where I had the opportunity to watch one of my favorite heroes movie. Yes, watched “Pannaiyaarum Padminiyum” at Russian Cultural Centre and there was a big surprise for me. Actor Vijay Sethupathy graced the occasion with his presence after the movie. I never expected he would come today because of his busy shooting schedule. It was a great surprise for each and every one of us when we saw Vijay Sethupathy near the stage during the presentation. In fact at first we were unable to identify him with his new look. It took some time for us to confirm that he is Vijay Sethupathy. Also the heroine Aishwarya graced the occasion.

“Pannaiyaarum Padminiyum” directed by Arun is a wonderful movie which shows the love between human and an inanimate thing (a car). In this modern world love among human is going down slowly, but in this movie love between human and a car is shown beautifully. In the side track love between the old couple Jayaprakash and Thulasi is also shown beautifully. Bala Saravanan’s comedy make us laugh falling on the floor. Overall it’s a great entertainer. Hats off to Director Arun.

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Dec 232014

Day 6 Review (23rd December 2014) – 12th Chennai International Film Festival (CIFF)

I have been waiting long to watch these two movies in the 12th CIFF. Yes, I have been waiting for “Salim” and “Sathuranga Vettai” and the wait is over now. “Salim” directed by Nirmal Kumar and “Sathuranga Vettai” directed by Vinoth.

“Salim” is an action thriller in which Music Director and Actor Vijay Antony plays the lead role. He plays the role of a Doctor who is very honest and service minded which is not accepted and respected by the society. His fiancee dumps him, his Hospital MD fires him out and a Policeman punishes him for his honesty. All these things make him turn into a rude person through which he wants to help a rape victim family. He locks a Minister’s son in a hotel room and makes the Minister confess his son’s crime in public.

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Dec 212014

Day 4 Review (21st December 2014) – 12th Chennai International Film Festival (CIFF)

After starting my day at Woodlands theatre with an Italian Movie “Like the Wind” directed by Marco S Puccioni I got wonderful opportunity to watch two Great Tamil Films that are not yet released in theatres. The first Movie was “Ennathan Pesuvatho” by Director Ravichandran and the second movie was “Kuttram Kadithal” directed by G Bramma. I watched these movies at Russian Centre of Science and Culture.

“Like the Wind” Italian Movie Trailer:
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