Jan 102016

Completing my first year of Active Emceeing

Completing my first year of Active Emceeing (though in the field for more than 3 years). Started taking emceeing seriously this day the last year (10th January 2015). Thank you Sasi (Brandwise Event Management, Egmore) for that IIT Saarang 2015 order which was the start point for me in this active emceeing. My thanks to all the event managers, emcees, clients, promoter boys / girls, photographers, DJs and all others who were / are a great support for me in this Emceeing travel and have made me complete more than 100 events in this one year period. Special thanks to my Emceeing Trainer Monisha Kini who helped me start this career _/\_ <3

Chennai Male EmCee Thamizharasan at IIT Madras Saarang Last Day

Will share more info later.

Chennai Corporate Male Emcee Thamizharasan Karunakaran
Thamizharasan Karunakaran

Actor / Anchor and Event Emcee
EnterTrainer – Connecting with people.


Thamizharasan Karunakaran is looking forward to serving you as an Actor / Anchor and Event Emcee. To know more about the services please click here


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Dec 262015

Small intro about me to those who have got connected with me recently

Dear Friends!

Just wanted to give a small intro about me to those who have got connected with me recently and those who have not been in touch with me for a long time. Let me take (grab) this opportunity to introduce myself.

I’m Thamizharasan Karunakaran called in short as “R K Thamizh”. I’m a Psychologist by qualification, an Anchor / Actor/ Stage EmCee by passion and profession.

I started my career as a Tool and Die Maker (proud product of NTTF) and then worked for a few BPOs and Call Centres as Customer Service Representative and Process Trainer. I quit all those fields to Chase my Passion. My passion has always been into Media / Events and Training. My core value is “Connecting with people” and I make sure any work I do connects me with people. Continue reading »

Nov 262015

Video (in Tamil) : Chennai Emcee Thamizharasan explaining in Tamil what is Emcee / MC

Watch the video in English by clicking this link Continue reading »

Nov 262015

Video (in English) : Chennai Emcee Thamizharasan explaining in English what is Emcee / MC

Click here to watch the video in Tamil Continue reading »

Nov 082015

One of the memorable days in my events career as an Emcee Trainer – 08th November 2015

Yet another remarkable day in my events career; this time as an Emcee Trainer. Got the opportunity to train my buddy Srividya Kannan in a Family Function. I have been training a lot of emcees in the last few months and usually I host the show and make them co-host the show. But this time I wanted to make my buddy host the show and I wanted to be a co-host.

Went to a family party today evening at Kodungaiyur with my buddy Srividya. During our travel taught her the basics of emceeing, few games, the event flow and told her that she would be hosting the complete event and I would be just a support.

We started the event with table games and then took the stage to conduct main games. After the main games, she took the complete charge of entertaining kids by making them dance. Continue reading »

Oct 252015

Hosted Tata Motors Event at The Forum Vijaya Mall – 24th October 2015

Had a lovely opportunity to co-host with my buddy Emcee Nandy Jeremiah. Hosted the event for Tata Motors (Tata Nano Gen X) at The Forum Vijaya Mall. After a couple of months I’m hosting an event at a mall and it’s a first experience to co-host with a female emcee in a mall. It’s a new experience and a great learning.

Also it always keep running in my mind that what’s the best I can give the visitors in the mall. So as usual today I wanted to give more to the visitors and I had continuous 1.5 hours games session without any break. Signing off the day with great fulfillment. Hosting the event tomorrow as well (Sunday) from 12noon to 9pm.  Continue reading »

Oct 182015

Happy to see my name printed as Event Host in the Wedding invitation 

Going to host a wedding reception today evening (18th October 2015). Glad and proud to see my name printed on the wedding invitation. Thank you so much Ramesh sir for honouring me. _/\_

Event Host Thamizharasan to host the wedding reception Continue reading »

Oct 172015

Thrilled to have hosted TVS Apache Bike Stunt and Radio Mirchi Freshers at Anna University

Got a lovely opportunity to host a thrilling bike stunt and a funfilled talent hunt (16th October 2015). It was a great experience hosting the bike stunt. For the first time I was very close to the stunt performance. At least the audience were outside the stunt track but me along with our crew were inside the stunt track. Every time the performers came close to me I was holding my breath in fear. It was a great performance by the “Throttlerz” team. Almost the entire audience were awestruck seeing the performance. Thanks to the performers Manoj, Balu and Ananthu. This stunt performance was organized by TVS Apache and it happened at Anna University Campus, yesterday. Continue reading »

Oct 162015

Apple IPhone 6S and 6S Plus Launch – In-Shop activity at Priyadarshini Mobiles

Apple launched its latest model mobiles Iphone 6s and Iphone 6S plus today at 00:00 hours (16th October 2015) in India. Customers had pre-booked their mobiles several weeks back and received their mobiles at the outlets today with great excitement and happiness in their faces.

I got the wonderful opportunity to host the in-shop activity at Priyadarshini Mobiles, K.K. Nagar, Chennai. I interacted with the customers who purchased the Iphone 6S and 6S plus mobiles and interviewed them about their experience and expectations on Iphones. Mr Prasanna is the first customer who grabbed Iphone 6S Plus in this showroom. Infact he has been a regular customer for both Iphone and Priyadarshini Mobiles.  Continue reading »