Feb 062016

Singer Benny Dayal’s Live in Concert at The Forum Vijaya Mall, 06th February 2016

I went to the Forum Vijaya Mall today evening and I was so fortunate enough to see something special there. Yes, singer Benny Dayal’s Live in Concert was arranged there. I was enthralled to see the crowd waiting for his performance. I couldn’t find a single place to accommodate myself to watch his show. Yes all the 4 floors plus the ground floor were flooded with people and majority of the time I watched his performance while travelling in the escalators from one floor to another.

Some how I managed to get some space to stand and capture the videos and photographs. It was a great experience watching the live in concert. Also watching such performances increase the vigour in media aspirants like me and it makes us to work harder and achieve the goals sooner.

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Oct 252015

Hosted Tata Motors Event at The Forum Vijaya Mall – 24th October 2015

Had a lovely opportunity to co-host with my buddy Emcee Nandy Jeremiah. Hosted the event for Tata Motors (Tata Nano Gen X) at The Forum Vijaya Mall. After a couple of months I’m hosting an event at a mall and it’s a first experience to co-host with a female emcee in a mall. It’s a new experience and a great learning.

Also it always keep running in my mind that what’s the best I can give the visitors in the mall. So as usual today I wanted to give more to the visitors and I had continuous 1.5 hours games session without any break. Signing off the day with great fulfillment. Hosting the event tomorrow as well (Sunday) from 12noon to 9pm.  Continue reading »

Oct 242015

Had a wonderful time at The Forum Vijaya Mall – Great feel as a participant

Had a wonderful time at The Forum Vijaya Mall last night. Went there to see my co-emcee Jeni hosting a show. Then was roaming around the mall and the MIOT stall pulled me towards it. A male emcee was interacting with crowd and entertaining them. I loved the way he carried the show.

Then he called 10 volunteers for a game. Since the time I became an Emcee, most of the time I have been conducting games and this time It’s a great opportunity for me to participate in a game. So I didn’t want to miss it and called my co-emcee Nandy too to take part in the game. Continue reading »

Jul 252015

Hosted event for Faasos at The Forum Vijaya Mall – Day 2 : 25th July 2015

Day 2 went extremely well at The Forum Vijaya Mall. I was also able to get opportunity to train my buddy Emcee VJ Viji and made her host a part of the event. Crowd in the mall was much more than yesterday and I was able to pull more crowd towards our stall. Conducted few new games as well and started few new concepts as well. Made the kids sing and dance on the stage.  I’m hosting the event tomorrow (Sunday) as well. Will be there from 12noon to 9pm. This is the first time I’m hosting for continuous 3 days in a mall. Have hosted continuous two days several times.
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