Jan 212018

Who is Emcee VJ Thamizharasan Karunakaran from Chennai

Who is Emcee VJ Thamizharasan Karunakaran from Chennai

Chennai Event Emcees and Entertainers Anchor Thamizhrarasan KarunakaranI’m Thamizharasan Karunakaran called in short as Thamizh R K. I have been hosting events since 2012. I worked for several manufacturing industries, corporate and eventually into events and media career now.

I worked for Puthuyugam TV Channel as Freelance Actor in 2013-14 and for ITV as show Producer and Anchor in 2014. Now I’m into full time events as Event MC,  Emcee Manager and Emcee Trainer. I have also been taking part in several TV shows in Various TV Channels including Sun TV, Z Tamil, Mega TV and Makkal TV.  I have also played a reporter role in award winning Tamil movie “Aruvi“.Chennai Event Anchors Thamizharasan and Nandhini in Sun TV Vaanga Pesalaam Talk ShowChennai Event Emcee Anchor Actor Thamizharasan in Award Winning Tamil Movie Aruvi Continue reading »

Dec 262015

Small intro about me to those who have got connected with me recently

Dear Friends!

Just wanted to give a small intro about me to those who have got connected with me recently and those who have not been in touch with me for a long time. Let me take (grab) this opportunity to introduce myself.

I’m Thamizharasan Karunakaran called in short as “R K Thamizh”. I’m a Psychologist by qualification, an Anchor / Actor/ Stage EmCee by passion and profession.

I started my career as a Tool and Die Maker (proud product of NTTF) and then worked for a few BPOs and Call Centres as Customer Service Representative and Process Trainer. I quit all those fields to Chase my Passion. My passion has always been into Media / Events and Training. My core value is “Connecting with people” and I make sure any work I do connects me with people. Continue reading »

May 052015

My updated profile for Acting / Anchoring in Slideshare

Being an Actor, Anchor and Event Emcee, I keep updating my profile periodically with new pictures and new videos. Once I update my profile, I share it in multiple platforms like my Website, Facebook, Linked in, Twitter, etc. Now my online presence has increased more by getting into one more platform which is called as “Slideshare”.

Slideshare.net is one of the Social Media where you can upload your PPT (Powerpoint) files and share it with others. There are several advantages of using Slideshare mainly
1) You can share huge files easily
2) You can embed youtube videos
3) You can re-upload the revised PPT in the same link

To know the advantages in detail, read my other article by clicking here.

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Nov 012014

Monthly newsletter from Thamizharasan Karunakaran – October 2014

Friends Welfare Trust – Helping Hand to Needy 05th October 2014

Quote for the week – 84

Friends Welfare Trust – Helping Hand to Needy 05th October 2014 – Photos
http://vjthamizharasan.com/friends-welfare-trust-helping-hand-to-needy-05th-october-2014-photos/ Continue reading »

Oct 082014

What is Stage EmCee / VJ / RJ/ Anchor/ Compere/ Host?

People often gets confused when they see my business card. They ask me what is “EmCee“. So I thought I’ll answer it through a blog post so that it reaches a lot of people. Also a lot of people get confused with the words emcee, video jockey (VJ), anchor, host, compere, RJ, DJ, etc. So this post will explain these titles also.

An emcee is the one who hosts a live event. For eg. if you have a birthday party at your home / hotel and you want someone to conduct games to entertain the crowd; The person who conducts these games is called an EmCee and the work what he does is called as EmCeeing.

The word EmCee has come from the abbreviation “MC” which is the abbreviation for “Master of Ceremonies“; The one who masters the ceremony. Live events include Birthday Parties, Naming Ceremonies, Corporate Outing, Corporate Annual Meet / Conference, Product Launches, Book Releases, New Year Celebrations, Festival Celebrations, Get together, School Events, Game Shows at Mall / Office / Corporate, Annual Day, etc..

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Nov 142012

Hi Chutties,

Happy Children’s Day. 🙂

I had a doubt for quite a long time that why do we say Childrens Day when there is no such word as Childrens (as children is the plural form of child). When I put forward this question to my friends, a few of them looked at me from top to bottom Continue reading »

Aug 132012

Video: Conducted Memory Training at Hypnotique Circle (Madras)

It really feels good and happy when one is promoted as a speaker after being a part of the audience for quite a long time. That too, when he is recognized as a speaker, his joy has no limits. Yes, I’m bouncing in joy now. Continue reading »

Jul 312012

Why me in media?

It was my long time dream to get popular in the society. When I was thinking deep about the ways to get popular, I got some clues. There are 3 major fields through which you can get popular more easily compared to any other fields. Continue reading »