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Videos : Sand Sculpting Contest to save turtles at Marina Beach, 07th February 2016

Was fortunate enough to go to Marina beach to witness the Sand Sculpting contest to save the turtles. Thanks to Hafiz Khan (EZONE India) for the invite and Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N to have guided me what to do in this event to make this event more successful and bring awareness among the public.

Oliver ridley turtle seems to be an endangered species now and a lot of measures are being taken to save this species. A few organizations in Chennai like EZONE India and ‘Save a Turtle’ have been conducting a lot of campaigns to save this endangered species. One such activity is Sand Sculpting contest that happened yesterday (07th February 2016) at Chennai Marina Beach. More than 50 groups participated from corporate, schools, colleges and general public.

Next activity is the Ridley Run Marathon on 21st February 2016. Please find below the video coverage of this event.

For group participation for the Ridley Run contact Mohammed Sulaiman 99438 47075.
Run Registration: www.eventjini.com/ridleyrun16

Ridley Run Marathon registration

 Thamizharasan’s intro about Sand Sculpting contest to Save Turtles at Marina Beach

Hafiz Khan speaking about saving turtles

Sand Sculpting to save turtles at Marina Beach_Part 1

Mohamed Sathak College Team about Saving the turtles


Click the below links for more videos:

NIFT Girls at Sand Sculpting contest to save turtles at Marina Beach

Forest Range Officer Mr David Raj about protecting Turtles

Sand Sculpting to save turtles at Marina Beach_Part 2

Mohamed Sathak College Team photo session with the Save a Turtle organizers

Dr Smruthi about Save a Turtle campaign and beach clean up

Dr Smruthi about the winning sculptor at the Sand Sculpting contest to save turtles

For more pictures click here.

Emcee Anchor and Actor Thamizharasan at Sand Sculpting Contest to Save Turtles at Marina Beach
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