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What does it mean when you say Promoter Boys / Promoter Girls in events

Of late I joined an Event Management Whatapp Group and there have been a lot of postings on Promoter Boys / Girls requirements. So I created Promoter Boys and Promoter Girls Whatsapp Group to share these postings with them so that they get to know these opportunities. A lot of guys and gals, though they are qualified and eligible to be a Promoter Boy / Girl (and can start earning while they learn), since there is no awareness about the industry they don’t grab these opportunities. Hence I thought I should write an article about Promoter Boys / Girls and their roles in the event. Here we go.

When there is an event, the Event Emcee hosts the events. He / she does compering, conduct game shows, etc to pull the crowd / entertain the crowd. Once the crowd has come near the stall, Promoter Boys and Promoter Girls take care of the registration processes and also help the crowd with other details.

Here are the roles of a promoter boy / promoter girl in an event like Mall activities / Product Launches / Road Shows / Promotional Activities etc:
1) Go around the mall and distribute the brochures to the public and inform them about their stall and the activities happening
2) Once the crowd comes near the stall, collect their details in a paper and carry out the registration process (if needed)
3) Help the Emcee with the game activities
4) Explain the public about the products
5) Give away the gifts to the participants

Promoter girl Swathi collecting details from Public with Emcee Thamizharasan at Ampa SkywalkPromoter Boys helping Emcee Thamizharasan with games at Ampa SkywalkPromoter boys collecting details from Public with Emcee Thamizharasan at Ampa Skywalk  Promoter Boys helping Emcee Thamizharasan with games at Ampa Skywalk

Promoter Boys / Girls are not only used for Mall activities, they are also used for Family Functions like Birthday Party, Wedding, Puberty Function, Engagement, etc. In the family functions, their roles differ. Usually Girls are preferred for Family Functions and boys are used very very rarely. Promoter Girls in these events are also called as Hostess Girls.

Roles of a Promoter Girl in a Family function:
1) Be at the reception desk welcoming the guests
2) Serve welcome drinks to the guests
3) Help the Emcee with the game activities
4) Help the host to manage the crowd in the stage
5) Guide the guests to dining hall, rest room, etc by showing them the directions
6) Give away return gifts to the guests

Hostess Promoter Girls Welcome Girls and Promoter Boys in Chennai

Hostess Promoter Girls Welcome Girls and Promoter Boys in Hyderabad and Bengaluru

Dress Codes:
For boys: Formal Pant and shirt with shoes
For Girls: Sarees, Formal Shirt and Pant, Blazer / Coat, One Piece dress, Air-hosstess dress.

Dress code differs based on the client requirement and the occasions of the event. In few events clients provide the T-Shirts.

Promoter boys are usually paid somewhere from 300 rs to 1000 rs per day and Girls are paid from 800 rs to 2000 rs.

Work Hour:
Sometimes work will be only for a couple of hours and other times work will be for full day. It differs based on the event. It can be on any day (week day or week end).

Who can work as Promoter Boy / Girl?
Usually College students (and sometimes school students) prefer this job as its a good part time income for them and a great learning too. However anyone who is interested and energetic can opt for this career. English communication is not must in all events. There are few events where English knowledge is must and in other events just your regional language is sufficient for you.

I hope I have explained the roles of Promoter Boys / Promoter Girls to the best of my Knowledge.

Event organizers / Emcees/ Promoter Boys/ Girls: If you like to add something more to this article which you feel I have left, feel free to comment it in the comment box below. It would definitely help others.

After reading this post, if you like to work as a Promoter boy / girl and looking for opportunities, do message me in my Whatsapp 9840003813, I’ll add you in my groups. 

Also please feel free to write your comment / suggestion about this post.

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