May 262015

What is “Sangeet” function?

3 years into events, but have been hearing the word “Sangeet” only in recent times. Sangeet is a celebration (Musical evening) held before a wedding to make people mingle with each other and get entertained too. Relatives and friend would be invited and they throw dance parties and drinks parties. Applying Mehndi is also included. Earlier Sangeet was meant only for bride’s side and women relatives and also it was common only in North India. But slowly Sangeet culture changes and groom side also take part and also its spreading in South India too.
Ever since I heard the word “Sangeet” in Event Management, I have been so curious to know what happens in Sangeet and wanted to host Sangeet. As a first step, got an opportunity today to be a part of a Sangeet (though I was just observing and not hosting). What an entertaining evening from the bride’s and groom’s side with singing and dance performance. They rocked the show. Happy Married Life Dinesh and Anusha.

Thank you Jayshree Senthil (Emcee) to have invited me.

Role of an Emcee in a Sangeet: To invite the performers on stage, make the audience cheer up during and after the peformance,  say few words about the performance once its done and also engage and entertain the audience by conducting a few games.

I’m sure I would host a Sangeet soon in my events career.

After writing this post, I hosted a lot of Sangeet in the next few months. You shall see the details in the below links:

Hosted a Sangeet at Vestin Park

Hosting Sangeet at Cine Person RaviPrasad’s Family event
Chennai Party Emcee Thamizharasan conducting games at Birthday PartyThamizharasan Karunakaran
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