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What is Stage EmCee / VJ / RJ/ Anchor/ Compere/ Host?

People often gets confused when they see my business card. They ask me what is “EmCee“. So I thought I’ll answer it through a blog post so that it reaches a lot of people. Also a lot of people get confused with the words emcee, video jockey (VJ), anchor, host, compere, RJ, DJ, etc. So this post will explain these titles also.

An emcee is the one who hosts a live event. For eg. if you have a birthday party at your home / hotel and you want someone to conduct games to entertain the crowd; The person who conducts these games is called an EmCee and the work what he does is called as EmCeeing.

The word EmCee has come from the abbreviation “MC” which is the abbreviation for “Master of Ceremonies“; The one who masters the ceremony. Live events include Birthday Parties, Naming Ceremonies, Corporate Outing, Corporate Annual Meet / Conference, Product Launches, Book Releases, New Year Celebrations, Festival Celebrations, Get together, School Events, Game Shows at Mall / Office / Corporate, Annual Day, etc..


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A person who hosts shows in TV is called as a Video Jockey (VJ). His work is to interact with live callers on phone, conduct game shows, debate shows, interview the guests, etc. A Video Jockey also has other names like anchor and compere. Same way an Emcee also has other names like Host, Event Emcee and Stage Emcee.


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Well now you may have the question about RJ and DJ. RJ means Radio Jockey who hosts shows in radio and DJ is Disc Jockey who plays songs and music in live events.

Well I’m glad that I have explained to you about EmCee, Video Jockey, Radio Jockey and Disc Jockey to the best of my knowledge. I’m sure this post would be useful for you. Please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions below this post.

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  1. Hi Thamizh, so happy to see you like this. Thanks for the information. Keep posting.

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