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What to do when clients want to meet you in person when there is no real need

These tips are mainly for the Event Emcees (and for Event Managers to some extent). However can be used by others also if you are in similar field or similar situation.

Hi guys!

Two days back I got an enquiry call from a corporate for an event. The HR didn’t even explain me about the event but she wanted me to come and meet her in person at her company. I kept asking her to give more details about the event, but she was insisting me to meet her in person. She said that certain things cannot be discussed over the phone. I told her that certain initial discussion can be had over the phone and then meeting in person can be decided. But still she was insisting me to meet her in person. I told her I will send my profile and then she shall get back to me about the in person meet.

Then I called one of the emcees and told her about this. She gave me a wonderful idea (though that seems to be a very simple idea but its powerful thing which I never thought till day). She told me to inform the HR that “I shall meet her in person but would like to get conveyance for this meet as it involves time and travel. Even if not conveyance atleast they shall send cab to pick me and drop”. I mentioned the same in the email along with my profile and sent it to the HR. I called her today to check the status and she said that I shall meet her today. When I told her about the conveyance charges that I mentioned in the email, she said she will check with the management for conveyance approval and get back.

She may call me back or not; Thats a different issue. But this will help me to avoid unnecessary meet when certain things can be discussed over the phone. If they are really serious about booking me (If I deserve that) then they would not mind paying me the conveyance for the meet. If they just want to have an in person discussion for name sake, then I wouldn’t regret for the time I spent because I’m gonna be paid at least the conveyance.

A lot of time Clients take it for granted that they can just like that call the emcees for in person meet since there is no expense for the company. But when we ask for conveyance for such sort of meet when they don’t want to reveal anything over the phone, then they may think twice and will call us for meet only when there is a real need.

I agree that in-person meets are needed in certain cases and Emcee cannot be always stubborn that he/she will never meet the client in person. But this meet can happen after a few discussion over the phone. At least after 50 to 60% of the project is confirmed, emcee shall be called for in person meet to finalize the project.

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